“I specialise in helping women embrace menopause, master their self care and understand their bodies. I’m on a mission to empower women to create their fullest most nourished life.”

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Holistic Wellness explores the parts of your unique well-being that the medical professionals skip over. The holistic approach I use addresses the whole person, including the food you eat to fuel your body, your emotions and beliefs that affect your energy, and the physical movement you embrace that keeps your body functioning optimally.

I will help you expand your self-awareness, take responsibility for your health and cultivate positive lifestyle choices that will improve your quality of life. It is a method for the whole person; your physical, spiritual and mental health, and embraces all aspects of living well.

Wellness Coaching is about having an accountability partner who will support and encourage you even when you feel ready to quit. I will assist you to find strategies to deal with your unique challenges, and guide you to discover creative solutions to achieve the results you want.

Free 30-min Clarity Call

I invite you to book a Free 30-minute call with me to get some clarity around your current health, and to set some goals for your self-care and wellness plan.

The time is now. You only get one body. How are you going to optimise your health?
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Private Wellness Coaching

Telephone or online wellness coaching is available to you. Programs are tailored to your needs, let’s chat about how I can best serve you.

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Corporate Wellness Coaching

Corporate wellness coaching is available for your organisation. Let’s chat about your staff well-being goals and I will tailor a program to meet the needs of your staff.

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Yoga Classes

Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga and Chair yoga. I am certified in all styles. Join the class online or face-to-face in Turner.

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