Don’t just take my word for it.

“Claire’s wellness program helped me build my mental and physical resilience by defining what my body needs and wants. Claire gave me practical skills that were easy to implement in my busy life.  I loved that she focused on what resonated for me, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Learning that you can slow down and still be productive or add value in the workplace is fundamental to good health and wellbeing. The program helped me achieve better sleep and more energy and my morning routine slowed down, setting the tone for my day ahead.”


“When you are trying to find YOU again and things have to shift, it’s not always easy to stay focused. Individual coaching sessions with Claire have supported me to respect and nurture my choices.

I loved the calm atmosphere  and approach. It was like having coffee with a friend whilst being your most vulnerable self. Thank you Claire, it has inspired me to accept myself and remember that I don’t have to be perfect.”


“I cannot recommend Claire highly enough. Her patience and diligence as a coach were truly remarkable. I found the integration of her listening skills and the activities that she supplied very worthwhile. The time that I spent in this program was highly valuable and I took away skills that I needed to balance out my life. I feel that I’ve reached my goals a lot faster through this program than had I tried to do all that I achieved by myself.”


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